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Lanell Jackson p/k/a Gangsta Nutt hails from the High Point Housing Projects on the westside of Seattle. Gangsta Nutt began rhyming at the age of 15. He has been and remains influenced by iconic artist such as the late great Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Known as the "Town Vet", Nutt describes himself as the "scribe of the ghetto"; based upon his true experiences, both personal as well as what he has bared witness to. He has been exposed to all of the various circumstances and conditions of the "ghetto experience", and became a product of his enviroment, for better or worse. It displays itself in his graphic and often controversial depiction of those experiences. Even though Gangsta Nutt's "ghetto experience" has seen it's share of adversity, he says he doesn't regret any of its negative elements, because it has made him the Man, the Father as well as the MC that he has become... 'the ghetto made me', he boasts in one of his many honest and candid depiction of the harsh realities of those experiences; as only Gangsta Nutt can.
Gangsta Nutt has been compared to the great rap lyricist Scarface, of the "ghetto Boys" fame, for his rough and rugged style, yet smooth and concise flowetic delivery.
Early in his career Gangsta Nutt garnered the attention of Pointside Records, where he appeared on the group 'Self Titled's debute album; Hustlin-n-Hell. Not even a year later Gangsta Nutt soon went into the studio and completed his debute LP "Save Me" (1999); which has become a "hood classic".

Since then Gangsta Nutt has gone on to record and release nine (9) more albums, including four (4) solo efforts. Releasing "Crown Roy'ale" (2003); "The Rebirth" (2004); "Checkmate" (2004) and four (4) duo albums; "West Coast Livin"(2000) and "Back In Business" (2012) as Double Odd w/ Tasty T & Trey Blacc (2012); as well as "The Shakedown" with Mr. Jonez and "Thug Status: Active" with Twin G, as well as a group album; "West Coastra Nostra: Townbusiness", along with his solo effort; "West Coastin" (2011).
Gangsta Nutt has recorded with some of the Hip-Hop/Rap Industry's finest Artist such as E40; Bun B of "UGK" fame; Kurupt of the "Dog Pound"; David Banner; Da Brat; Bone Crusher; Yukmouth and C-Bo, along with working with platinum producer "Jazzy Fizzle".

Determined and focus; Gangsta Nutt is ready to put his stamp on the Pacific Northwest Hip-Hop/Rap Industry with several future projects; such as the group album dubbed; Double Odd w/ Tasty T & Trey Black; "G.A.S: Last of a Dying Breed, (with S-Loc and A-Train) as well as his highly anticipated solo project.


“He got his own vibe... ”
YN - conversation w/ an outlaw/official

“Hot shit fam fam..”

“This shit go, what the games been missin...”

“Once again Gangsta Nutt puttin it down for the 206...”

"In doing the math; Viability = Longevity...”
Lovell (LV) Sykes... Personal Management/CSEGroup

"Gangsta Nutt & Tasty T are two of the towns Most seasoned veterans of the Seattle Underground Sound. "
The Center Stage Entertainment Group




Do What U Do - Single
Gangsta Nutt (2013)










The Status is Active
Twin-G & Gangsta Nutt (2008)





Gangsta Nutt (2004)





Crown Roy'ale
Gangsta Nutt (2003)





West COAst Livin'
Double Odd (2000)





Save Me
Gangsta Nutt (1999)



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Gangsta Nutt - City Of Rain (Seattle Seahawks)

"Streets Aint Safe" - G.A.S. Last of a Dying Breed


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