Cash Out Keyz

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Born December 9, 1985, Marquis Wright, better known by his stage name Cash Out Keyz, and also by his alter ego C.O.K, is a fresh underground artist from Seattle By Way Of Brem City, Washington. With his unique sound only suited for him, he is sure to give you work that shares the voice of his city. Originally Keyz started out as and is currently a member of A.M.G (Ambition Musik Group) formally G.M.C. Cash Out Keyz is continuing his venture as an unsigned independent artist. He has been on stages with Lil Wayne, Ying Yang Twins, S.A.S from Dipset Eurogang, etc.. The current project titled “Draft Day” has been released on Datpiff.com. Draft Day has received wave reviews and with continuous hard work and dedication Cash Out Keyz is continually trying to push his music out to the world. If you haven't heard it yet now is the time to catch this Northwest wave!



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