Constantly Improving (Why 2015 Will Be Dundeal’s Best Year Yet)

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(Left to Right) Hellen Cane, Danny Moses, JD Paymenow Walker, Mr. Mac-A-Million, JPhreeze, Jesse and Dirty Harry

(Left to Right) Hellen Cane, JD Paymenow Walker, JPhreeze, Jesse and Dirty Harry

If you couldn't already tell, we're picking up speed. Dundeal Entertainment is poised to have its greatest year to date. The debut of NW Talent Thursdays was monumental and marked not only the beginning of an unprecedented opportunity for local entertainers, it also solidified the newly founded business partnership between Dundeal and Seattle's #1 radio personality, KUBE 93'S Dirty Harry.

A-Train - Come Fuck Wit A Boss album cover  J-Shep-WarmAndReady

Fresh singles are being churned out non-stop as our artists promote their albums and give listeners a glimpse of what they've been working on. A-Train Gang's “Come Fuck Wit A Boss” is the most recent song to be released and has already received positive reception for it's gritty portrayals of the urban street life. R&B sensation J-Shep is not far from dropping his latest single “Warm and Ready as he and Dundeal CEO Macc Dundee banded together to produce a smooth, sultry cut with both brothers doing their part to make it a sure hit. Before the year's done we'll have released at least three albums. Likely more. The first of which is scheduled to drop before the end of next month.

Our advertising department and networking is constantly expanding as social mastermind Macc Dundee is always reaching out to new acquaintances and never misses an opportunity to make his brand known. He does so by various means including wearing that brand right on his back when he has the opportunity. Sporting a Seahawks jersey with your record label stitched where a last name traditionally goes definitely turns heads in the Northwest. Along with the gear, the ride is also a statement. After spending the winter being fixed up by the hands of Dundee himself, the Dundeal Party Bus is in full motion. Don't be mistaken, the bus is not only a means of group transportation and a party on wheels; it also serves as another form of promotion. The party bus has become a signature vehicle that catches the attention of curious on-lookers.

Thanks to Dundeal Entertainment's sharp shooting cameraman Icizzle, all occasions are documented and will eventually be featured in one video or another. Icizzle spends countless hours meticulously cutting and editing all the footage single-handedly. It is because of this man and his digital wizardry that anyone who misses any social events can still experience the occasion on-screen at some point. With music videos to shoot, documentary material being gathered at all times, and concerts happening regularly, it's a wonder how he finds the time to get it all done. But he does. And he does so in a timely fashion. I have no idea how he'll find the time to film the movie script I just finished writing. Oh, did I forget to mention that?

Dundeal is also in the process of making a full length feature film. In addition to making music, producing, filming music videos, juggling family time, promoting and organizing NWTT and having meetings with the region's hottest DJ, somewhere in there, we'll be producing and shooting a movie. All updates will be released to the public as soon possible in the same fashion as all other articles we've put out covering a number of topics. We like to keep our community members informed.

town bizzness front cover-Web TownBizznessPt2Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.09.31 AM

Some people would think that we stretch ourselves too thin. And they would be right, perhaps, if we didn't have the resilient, hard-working team we've assembled. Scouted and pieced together by head honcho Macc Dundee, every member of the budding empire fills a pivotal role. What started as an idea in one man's head, one man's dream, is now that of several. The family members here at Dundeal can all agree that our progress has been phenomenal. We operate in a tight circle with the utmost respect for our partners. At this point the team is the strongest it has ever been. Everyone is dialed in. Everyone shares an equal load and carries their weight without complaint or slack. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Since the key members love what they do, enjoy themselves, and enjoy their partners, the environment is always positive and relaxed. Working in that type of setting is conducive to peak performance. It's a big reason why we're able to bear the workload; it doesn't feel like work.

We have a Pandora radio station (R.G.L.D.G.B.) in conjunction with Yukmouth that keeps improving its view count every month. Dundealentertainment.com now has enhanced social networking capabilities that allow everyone signed up to communicate. With NWTT now in effect, we've seen a surge in registration.


Our artists have singles dropping. Albums dropping. Projects in every form of development (from ideas to completion). An excellent team. No outside interference. Wonderful distribution that stretches across all 7 continents. That’s right, our music reaches the Arctic. Eskimos need cuts too! Everything is falling into place here at Dundeal. There is no doubt that we're gunning for a record year in many ways. I don't think any of us saw it coming together this cleanly. This clearly. 2015 has already been an incredible experience and we have yet to hit the halfway point. The team is prepared. We're in the fast lane now and all we can see is green lights.

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