Dundeal Entertainment’s new reality show

Posted By: Tyrone Hatersville On:

It's arrived the show open for Dundeal Entertainment's new reality show "From The Bottom 2 Tha Top". The song featured in the open is from Macc Dundee's new album "Sublimental mind music" coming soon.

Here's the show synopsis:

I'm Macc Dundee.  I've had some success as a rapper coming out of the northwest. XXL article hottest rapper, Amalgamation magazine, combined with my younger brother (who some people say we look like twins) have over 200,000 views on youtube and climbing, 2 albums and a slew of singles now available on iTunes. now I want to help my younger brother J-Shep get his r and b career as a singer songwriter launched and established.

I founded Dundeal Entertainment in 2009 because I believe we're stronger as a family and also as a platform to launch rappers and r and b singers to the next level.  these days I assemble teams of dancers, strippers, rappers, camera men, and hype men to entertain crowds and connect with people on an individual level as we party after the performances.  I bought a party bus as a way to tour the northwest and beyond with J-Shep opening for already established acts.  Join me Macc Dundee, as we go from the bottom to the top.


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