Dundeal Promotions

Welcome to Dundeal Entertainment’s social networking promotions page.

We have come up with a unique referral system that will pay you for promoting Dundeal Entertainment content across your social networks.

Use Your Phone

Step 1. Copy this Url – https://share.getcashto.com/@dundealent

Step 2. Grab a picture or video (example below)

example picture

Step 3. Add artist music link from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and or Youtube by searching “Macc Dundee” on social network post.

Step 4. Upload picture and paste link below https://share.getcashto.com/@dundealent To: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and or Youtube and create post.

Step 5. Copy Link from post, reel, story, or tweet and fill out form below.

Please select the social network you created your promotion on.
Please provide link or links to post created on your social networks with picture, music from our catalogue and url referral link provided.
Please provide correct cashapp name so you can receive your payment