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Indie Artist Submit To Dundeal Entertainment

Dundeal Entertainment distributes indie content throughout our power house network!

Dundeal Entertainment provides independent artist and entrepreneurs access to commercial advertisement on regional and international levels.

Commercial Placement

Music Video Placement

Dundeal Entertainment has media app installs on various platforms designed to stream Dundeal TV’s continuous stream and TV shows on multiple TV & video platforms across the world.

Radio Stations

DunDealEnt Powerhouse Distribution

Broadcasts 24/7 to over 100 countries from our studios in Los Angeles, New York, and London. No matter where you are or when you tune in, you’ll hear the same great programming as every other listener. Enjoy exclusive interviews, guest hosts, and the best of what’s going on in the world of music.

The Northwest Mecca Radio on ITunes radio

DunDealEnt Powerhouse Distribution

More than 100,000 broadcast radio stations, 4 million podcasts, and 40,000 audiobooks. Ability to rewind and record live radio. The Northwest Mecca Radio on Tunein Radio

DunDealEnt Powerhouse Distribution

Enjoy thousands of online radio stations featuring all styles!
  56,141 Free Internet Radio Stations with over 800,000 People streaming radio
The Northwest Mecca Radio on Shoutcast radio

Nw Mecca Radio on the Dundeal App

Nw Mecca Radio on the Dundeal App

1 billion people now actively use Android devices.

The Northwest Mecca Radio on Google play

DunDealEnt Powerhouse Distribution

Dedicated to giving indie artist an opportunity to get their music featured on online radio around the world. The Northwest Mecca Radio.com (http://thenwmradio.com) is Currently Streaming to over 10,000 viewers a year.

Magazine Placement

DunDealEnt Powerhouse Distribution

Website Placement

 Dundeal Entertainment’s Power House Network.

Giving artist and entrepreneur’s access to radio play, magazine placement, music video placement, & commercial advertisement across all platforms.


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