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My name is Ebony Chanta Lajoya’Davis, born in Bremerton on August 27, 1984. I was about 4 or 5 years of age when I found out that I was blessed with the gift of musical talent. My mother would pry me out from the bathroom mirror, with my brush in my right hand and a smile from ear to ear, like I was the best thing since kool aide. I grew up singing the gospel in my home church Emmanuel Apostolic church, songs that I remember singing, were songs by few of my heroes. “The Greatest Love”, by Whitney Houston, “Hero”, by Mariah Carry and the song that brings everyone back to their church roots, “Sparrow”.

Throughout my childhood years, I participated in my churches children’s choir and the youth choir. In middle school, I tried out for every solo. One significant moment I can remember while in middle school is going to the Bremerton High School to sing with their choir. I had a solo with one of the best singers at the high school, she finished her part and I began to sing. Everyone stood there with their jaws dropped, thinking how this little girl had such a big great voice. After middle school I went on to Jr high and joined the Musical Theater Program. For two years I performed in competitions, talents shows, musical shows and did a lot of dance choreography for the program and outside of school with friends.

In the middle of my high school year, I ran into a young artist who introduced me to writing and recording R&B music. Recording my first single brought me to begin to write other songs and record with others. Many doors opened but more doors closed. As time went on, I began to find other interest, started a family, continued furthering my education and began building my career. Not following my passion was the hardest thing that I had to deal with for several years, it was not easy to wake up every day knowing that I was placed here on this earth to be an artist and not use my ability to the fullest.

There are people in this world that knows talent when they see it, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have certain people in my corner that reminds me never to give up. In the winter of 2010, the same artist/producer that introduced me to what music is all about approached me and took me in once again. We began meeting weekly to write and record, it hasn’t been easy but once a product is done, things move in the direction that is up rather than down.

My future goals is to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist, dedicating a larger percentage of my time and energy to writing, recording, networking in the music industry, to pick up where I Ieft off and go hard as if I only can play that last card. That last card of life, that I can only live once, one chance, one opportunity, ready to take on what God had put into my hands….


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“Get Over It” The new Single from Ebony Davis Coming Soon




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“Oh Boy” – Single Ebony Davis




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“Butterflies” – Single Ebony




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