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Cody Pfeiffer, who goes by the moniker of FIFE, is an aspiring 22 year old Musician, Artist, Poet & Philosopher.
He was born in Ventura, California on January 7th, 1992 and as a very young child became consumed with music. He always had a knack for finding intuitive ways to change peoples attitudes by using music and enticing thoughts with the power of words. Much of his early childhood was consumed in finding himself and figuring out who he was a person and what exactly it was that he stood for. When his parents divorced while he was only 9 years old he and his older brother left with his mother to the Pacific Northwest. This is when FIFE was formed. The new environment, new opportunities at finding new friends, and building a new foundation is what led to his motivation. The diversity in his ever so changing life is what made him become more focused on music. Always dreaming of bigger things with witty will power and intuitiveness, FIFE formed the group PAC in 2011 with the help of a handful of other dreamers. 'Pursue & Conquer' was their motto and that's exactly what they are doing to this day. After PAC was created, Fife and his camp of well rounded individuals whose desires ad dreams were virtually identical met with a guy by the name of Mitch Pfeifer. Mitch Pfeifer is the co-owner of RespectMyRegion.com and is also a music producer with a positive attitude towards life and the reality of success. After many visits and encounters with RMR (Respect My Region) and their whole crew, PAC decided it was time to expand and as of now are working with many other artists across the state in search of fulfilling all of our goals. FIFE plans on using his all original ideas and deep dark wordplay to send positive messages to the audiences, to relive past experiences through allegories and short stories, and to show the world that anything is possible. Things that the normal musician nowadays are seeming to do less and less of. He believes that the power of music can heal most pain, and he believes that if his music can touch at least one listener and change their life for the better then he will feel accomplished.

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