Hi my name is Goldyn. I was born and raise in Washington, I come from the Tacoma area where I was able to obtain my business global logistics degree from TCC. While obtaining my AAS, I was able to meet a lot of great people in the community. My journey there I was able to help create a system (Food Bank) for college students to be able to eat. I was also apart of the Black Student Union Club as the social media manager. Being able to be apart of the Engagement Student Club, I was able to earn money for international students. So they can have better opportunities in education at Tacoma Community College. Now at the age of 27, I am currently enrolled in school to become a esthetician. I have promoted for a lot of people from clothes, fitness, fashion, model and more. My credentials can speak a lot for themselves but overall I love music, dancing and so much more. I am honored to be part of this opportunity for the Northwest Talent Show as a Judge.

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