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5 Steps to win over $1,000 and prizes:

1. Listen to the "Whatchu Mean" Instrumental below.
2. Video Record your hottest 16 bar freestyle verse to the "Whatchu Mean" instrumental for about 45-60 seconds and upload the video to youtube. Make sure you Title: "Northwest Battle Rap Contest Submission: Your Artist Name"
3. Copy and paste link into form
4. Pay the $10 submission fee
5. Submit!

Once you submit your video here's how it all works:

We will carefully evaluate each and every submission checking for creativity, delivery, content and style. Our judging system will be based off social network feed back (likes, comments and shares etc). Along with a voting poll located on each battle rap page.

Once you are chosen we will notify you via email and or facebook to let you know you have been selected to perform in our upcoming battle rap competition. There is $150 entry fee for each competitor.  Once we hear back from you we will then provide you a date for your performance along with your competitors  name and social networks.  Artist do your homework!

Contest goes as follows:

Event 1

4 contestants 2 battles each competitor has two 3 min rounds.

The 2 winners from first rounds go head to head in final round.

Winner from event 1 Advances to final battle.

Event 2

4  new contestants 2 battles each competitor has two 3 min rounds

The 2 winners from first round go head to head in final round

Winner from event 2 advances to final battle

Event 3

Final Battle- Main Event

Winners: Event 1 vs Event 2

Winner from this battle wins Grand Prize of $1000 dollars and more!

Bonus points:
share on social networks and tag #DundealEnt

Battle Dates: April - June
Top Prize
$1,000 Cash

Top Prize includes:
Exclusive DDTV Interview
Music Video
Photo Shoot
Music Distribution
Model Artist Promo
Album Artwork

Play Cover Track Title
Track Authors