How To Increase Your Wins (Here’s a little trick to help you succeed)

Posted By: Tyrone Hatersville On:


Take into consideration that we manifest what we think about most. Then, pair that idea with the fact that majority of our operation is based out of fear. Example: We go to work for fear of being incapable of supporting ourselves.

Thing is, when you focus on what you DON'T want, you're still focusing on that item. Whatever it may be. And, in doing so, begin to manifest it.


If I tell you "Don't picture an elephant in your head"... you're gonna picture an elephant. The "don't" can't make the idea vanish. Instead of focusing on what we want to avoid, we have to focus on what we want to manifest.

Success flow chart

This helps success in two immediate ways.

1. You don't dwell on the unwanted outcomes and waste energy. This denies those outcomes a chance at life.

2. You send out positive vibrations that encourage the fruition of your desired results and supplement the effort you put in to achieve them.


This minimal yet critical thought adjustment has proven itself successful for those who knowingly utilize it. It doesn't work 100% of the time. Nothing in life does. But it will increase your average rate of success when employed properly.

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