NW Talent Thursdays Recap of Week 1

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(Left to Right) Hellen Cane, Danny Moses, JD Paymenow Walker, Mr. Mac-A-Million, JPhreeze, Jesse and Dirty Harry

(Left to Right) Hellen Cane, JD Paymenow Walker, JPhreeze, JPrince and Dirty Harry

"Last Night Was Mad Real"

Where do I begin? The first installment of NWTT was a total success that exceeded the expectations of all involved. A major salute to Dirty Harry, Macc Dundee, Mac 9 (Built Supreme Ent) and all our judges and contestants. Together, they hosted a monumental event which marks the birth of the most ambitious venture the Northwest has offered to its own talent pool in recent memory. Our performers took full advantage of this opportunity as day one featured the pinnacle of hungry, aspiring locals showcasing the abilities they strive everyday to perfect. With the parking lot at capacity, drinks flowing and smiles showing, the stage was set for something magnificent to take place.

First to command that stage was Hill B. He immediately caught the crowd's attention when after his intro track, he slid into a Seahawks anthem tune belting out the truth that exists in all us Hawk fans, "I'ma be a 12 the rest of my life!" Needless to say, everyone was on board.

Rel ToppFlyyt followed up on stage with some fly boy swag befitting his name. A smoke track blasted before a more snap-sounding joint and he rounded off his set with his newest single boasting a catchy hook, "Nigga we so turnt up! Take that shit around the corner/I want that baseball money. That dough like my name Homer.” It was a strong finish and everybody was feelin the mood.

By the time the third act broke out, the whole joint was jumpin and completely into the performance. JPhreeze took charge washing the room over with a street hustler's energy. His songs were packed with the woes of a grinder's life, the kush smoke that relieves the stress, and the reflective thoughts of a man wiser than he once was. The beats had solid knocks and reception for his performance was appropriate and genuine. There was certainly enough people in the crowd who could relate to the tales of a man caught in the perils of street life.

Bringing up the rear, last but certainly not least, was the proud brother duo A.M. Their crowd reception was the loudest of the night due in part to all the supporters who accompanied them. That could be a bad thing but thankfully, these brothers earned the cheers of all in attendance as they worked through their set. Over a good beat, money making was the focus of the opening track. They won the crowd over even more with ad libs and chants after each song to amp up the listeners. Then A.M. hit us over the head with a tune that carried an old school rhythm reminiscent of an early 90s summer BBQ. Hands went in the air as they repped for the town and swore they would never change before cruising into their closing chill cut. A great ending to a great group of performances.

Every set was graded on a consistent scale by unbiased judges.

In between performances, Dirty Harry played mic tag and kept the crowd hype with promo, general introductions and fun announcements including next week's ticket giveaway to KUBE 93's Summer Jam. Also mentioned were reminders of the unparalleled benefits offered by Dundeal Entertainment to the best performers. Label support, music videos, reality TV, documentaries, and photo shoots are all on the table for the top earners.

Afterward, we could feel the sense of community as buddies piled up on stage and stole camera time. Photomaster Icizzle let the video roll and caught some fun footage of intoxicated attendees laughing and acting a fool or just socializing and killing time. It had one of those "this is the place to be" aura that the security guards couldn't understand. "It's never this busy in here" were the words of a staff member. Dundeal and Dirty Harry turned a seemingly bland pub into Thursday night's newest attraction and the people that occupied the event validated the effort.

In summation, we're here. The stage is set. The lights are on. The crowd is ready for a show. Mic check one two, one two. From here on out, The Pub On Central Ave is the official go-to spot before the weekend rolls around. NW Talent Thursdays is a train in motion and will carry our local up-and-coming acts across the border to the next level of professional entertainment. In conjunction with KUBE 93's Dirty Harry, Dundeal Entertainment has developed and implemented the future of regional talent scouting.

There's something for everyone down at the Pub. Our goal is to turn our performers into stars and our crowd into a family. Come down and join us in the building of something amazing!



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