Demetrius Brooks, recording as Meechie Gunnz, started rapping as a young child in Detroit, Michigan.  By age twelve, he was battle rapping.  As he began deeply exploring his passion for music, Meechie Gunnz went from lunch room tables, to talent shows, to the clubs, becoming locally recognized.  He continued to work on his lyrical skills and in 2002, joined a rap group called The R.O.T.T.I.N. C.L.U.B.B, with whom he performed and recorded.  In 2008, he met close personal friend Macc Dundee and began recording immediately.  By 2009, Meechie Gunnz first album was completed and titled “Natural Disaster”.

Meechie Gunnz has performed at numerous locations in the city of Detroit:  The Cactus Lounge, Club 24 Karat, Chicago Blues, The Zoo Bar, and The Headquarters.  He has also performed at Central Michigan University, as well as The Coyote Club located in Hamtramck, Michigan.  Meechie Gunnz has also appeared on “Rene’s Steppin’ Out on Faith” 88.1 WHRP.  He has also been recognized by name on the radio station 98 WJLB.

“I’m an ill MC, and I’m trying to contaminate the game.” stated Meechie Gunnz.

Meechie Gunnz possesses the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the entertainment/music industry with his charisma, lyrical wordplay, and his street credibility.  He remains an avid lyricist and maintains an active and sincere love for music.  The artist describes his style as having, the speed of Twista, the wordplay of Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, and Big Herk.  All while possessing the intensity of Eminem, the cockiness of Mystikal, and the versatility of Ludacris.  After a lot of hard work and determination, Meechie Gunnz along with Macc Dundee, re-released “Natural Disaster” on November 27, 2012…worldwide.  The second album is already being recorded, but is yet to be entitled.




Did You Know?

Meechie Gunnz is the CEO of Mdot Productions

Meechie Gunnz is the Co-Owner of The Lunch Counter (TLC)

Meechie Gunnz is currently working on his own clothing line called Above Average.

Above Average is in his words “Fat Boi Wear.”


Contact Information

E-mail:  meechiegunnz@gmail.com

Meechie Gunnz / Facebook

Mgdagooch / Youtube

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