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Movie Casting

Dundeal Entertainment is Looking for Models/Actors/Actress for our next movie

Jack Boyz

Set in a present day urban environment, “Jack Boyz” is the gritty tale of an ambitious crew of stick-up men with a flawless record. Led by the wise and meticulous minded Salim, the gang follows a strict week-long regimen of cleansing and synergy before each heist. By adhering to Salim’s personally crafted approach to crime, the unit develops a signature level of execution and harmony unparalleled in street crime. But when one member of the team breaks discipline and violates a key principle, he jeopardizes his team’s reputation and unwittingly aids in the kidnapping of a vital lifeline; his own lover. With the Jack Boyz’ integrity now in question and an innocent life in his hands, Salim must decide whether to bow out and preserve his own livelihood or prove that his exercises of discipline and harmony were not in vain. “Through discipline, harmony, and execution… success is the only option.”









Big Neck




Sex Chick

Clerk Mr. Macamillio

Henchman #1

Henchman #2

Henchman #3

Henchman #4

Contest Rules

So here’s the Official rules to getting your chance to be featured in our next motion picture.

1. First you must download the Jack Boyz full script. Jack Boyz Movie Script click here!(Its $10 this is to ensure that models/actors/actress are serious about their role in our film.)

2. After you have read the full script pick a character that best fits you!

3.Now make a video of yourself delivering your best version of the character you feel that fits you. You must deliver the lines in the script as they are written in the script improve is ok but don’t go too far away from the script.

4. Once you’ve recorded your video upload it to Youtube then come back and fill out the form below.

Its Just that easy!

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