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Phae La also known as Reginald O Barrett, started writing as a middle school student. But he didn't start off writing music, he started writing short stories. When he found he had a knack for writing from all the compliments of his teachers, he started writing and reading more and more short stories. He had a normal childhood, though there were some problems he was having to deal with and so as a sopohmore in high school he decided to put all his raw emotion in the form of free verse poetry. It wasn't until a cipher during a school lunch when he decided to try his hand at writing hip hop lyrics. Still focusing on letting his emotions out, he started writing to beats and freestyling to beat boxers. Through the years, he developed his craft, his sound, and his own identity, and used music solely as therapeutic release. He stared getting into engineering his music as well as others, and as time progressed as did his skill and delivery. Once known as Codered, then Truth and now settling with the childhood nick name given by his mother, Phae La is fated to let the world know his story by offering a real, raw, and rare truth that he feels no other artist is conveying.


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