What’s Next for Dundeal Ent?

Posted By: Tyrone Hatersville On:

You may think to yourself that with Dundeal having completed their first feature-length movie script, we would relax a bit and wait for some good weather to start filming. But you can't grow if you move to slow and we want to be 10 feet tall. That's why we're proudly announce the next installment in a series of movie screenplays to be developed!

Our next project will be a more comedic-central effort. It will carry vibes of a throwback time when things seemed to be in their golden years. The story will encompass family, friends, social norms and the individual roles we fill in society. Strange paths will cross in an intertwining of lives. Some people will represent the good in all of us. Others will represent the less-than-desirable elements we sometimes exude. We plan to acknowledge the positive as well as the negative side of law enforcement and the difficulties of money struggles. All these topics will be addressed inside the backdrop of a celebration of life.

For now, the actual plot and characters will remain a mystery until we have a good percentage of our components mapped out and ready for production. That's our drive here at Dundeal. Productivity. Whether it's music production, movie development, artist promotion or just a throwing a good time on the Party Bus, we're always in the process of producing something more. Something better than the last effort.

So keep an eye out for the forthcoming projects. We're in cruise control right now and churning out works of success at a high rate. Again, we thank you for your support and it's our privilege to provide you with entertainment and a beneficial experience overall.

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