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Legendary fashion designer Larry Norman has unveiled his latest creation – the Hilltopia 253’s and the Duce Tre’s, which have been named the first official hilltop shoes. The shoes have been specifically designed with the hilltop community in mind and boast unique features such as a sturdy grip, durable construction, and a stylish yet functional design.

Larry Norman, who has been in the community for over a decade, said he wanted to create urban gear that was stylish, practical, and affordable for people living in hilltop areas. He added, “The Hilltopia 253’s and the Duce Tre’s are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Whether you’re running errands or hiking up a hill, these shoes will have you covered.”

The shoes have already garnered a huge amount of attention from hilltop residents, who have been waiting for a shoe that can withstand the rugged terrain of their neighborhoods. With Larry Norman’s latest creation, they finally have the perfect shoe for their needs.

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