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Watch Murder Blohc On Roku Now

Dundeal Entertainment’s latest movie, “Murder Blohc,” is now available on the Roku Channel. The film centers around a young man named Macc, who finds himself caught up in the dangerous and complex world of gang violence. When his brother is attacked and put in the hospital by several known associates, Macc takes matters into his own hands and seeks revenge. As he delves deeper into the underworld, he finds himself confronted with tough choices and difficult moral dilemmas.

Director Macc Dundee has once again delivered a gritty and compelling story that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The film features a talented cast, including many up-and-coming actors who bring a raw authenticity to their roles.

With “Murder Blohc” now available on the Roku Channel, audiences across the country can experience the thrilling and emotional journey of Macc and his quest for justice. Don’t miss out on this powerful film from Dundeal Entertainment.

Watch Murder Blohc On Roku Now

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Dundeal Entertainment, a film production company, is inviting aspiring actors and actresses to participate in their casting call for two upcoming films. The films are titled House Arrest and Keep it Gangsta. If you are interested in applying as an actor or actress, you can fill out the form below provided by our company. This could be a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about acting and dreams of making a career in the film industry. Applying for the casting call could be the first step towards achieving your goals and making your passion a reality. Don’t miss this opportunity and apply now to showcase your acting skills and talents to Dundeal Entertainment.


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